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January 2019

GWEP – Reading To Bristol

Reading to Bristol

Project Details

Carrickeast Construction Ltd has successfully completed HV route and cable installation contract works on behalf of Principal Contractor UKPNS for RS1 to 7 Reading to Bristol.

As part of the Great Western Electrification Programme (GWEP),new Substations and OLE have been constructed to provide power to the Great Western Railway Electrification Programme.

Carrickeast where contracted to carry out HV route and cable installation to trackside locations between these sites and all necessary SPS to both ATF and Track feeder switching structures into substations located along the route.

The scope included installation of 60km of HV cable routes and 120000m of HV cable installation including activities such as Over Track Crossing , Under Track Crossing and Under Road Crossings (URX’s), Ducting and Troughing Route works and Protective Barrier installation works.

These works were carried out whilst OLE installation works were still ongoing which itself led to detailed co-ordination with these 3rdparties to ensure safe and controlled delivery and installation of the works, with the majority of the installation works being carried out in possession or working fenced to minimise any disruption to the OLE installation Programme and operational railway.

The works included installation of HV Cabling to Sub-Stations:

Provision of Safety Critical Staff

Provision of WPP’S,Task Briefings, POWRA’S and ALO paperwork

Collection and Delivery of all materials from Depot locations at Didcot and Wroughton.

Supply and installation of Vortok Fencing

Installation of TTS and Schneider elevated Route to both trackside and High Street Locations.

Installation of cabling to OTX (Over Track Crossings)

Installation of UTX (Under Track Crossings)

Installation of URX (Under Road Crossings)

Supply and Installation of SPS (Small Part Steel and Cable Management to Structures

Installation of over 120000m of 400mm2 HV cabling from Substation to ATF and Track feeder locations.

Red bond cabling from Substations Auxiliary Electrical Equipment Building to Trackside Spider plates locations.

Route and Cable installation to Switch Farms which involved re-routing. burying previously installed routes and cabling.

Project Deliverables

A number of challenges were faced, however, Carrickeast capabilities combined with its ability to offer flexibility and experience made it the ideal contractor for this project.

Carrickeast offered a consistent, reliable and flexible service, accommodating change, through exceptional expertise and collaboration to ensure successful project delivery.

The successful delivery of the project enabled the undertaking of further stages of the GWEP Programme

Civil Engineering and Groundworks

  • Under Road Crossing (URX) complete, including excavation and reinstatement
  • UTX (Under Track Crossings) Installation and Track Monitoring
  • OTX (Over Track Crossings) Including provision and supervision of On track Plant
  • Installation of Access chambers and buried routes using 150mm ducting
  • Installation of buried routes
  • Installation of TTS 200 surface laid trough routes
  • Installation of protective barriers to HV cable routes
  • Switch Platform Installation
  • Installation of raised Schneider GRP trough and Tro-tech trough route for containment of 25kv cabling

Challenges and Solutions

Site Logistics

During the works, careful logistical management was implemented by UKPNS and Carrickeast teams with collections from Didcot and Wroughton Depots and all deliveries being pre-planned and sequenced.

All plant/pedestrian interfaces had to be managed around the nominated site storage and parking areas too. To combat this, segregated walking zones were created and a Banksman was present during the transportation and lifting into position of all materials for the works.

Many of the sites had limited access points and along with limited possession access further impeded delivery and could have impacted on delivery had it not been for Carrickeast positive approach to ensuring safe delivery of materials.  This in many cases involved working with UKPNS and NR to gain access through adjacent landowner’s sites.

Stakeholder Interface

Carrickeast faced challenges with the timescale of this project due to the number of different project interfaces during the course of these works. With the works being of a multi-disciplinary nature and with multiple contractors needing to negotiate access arrangements, Carrickeast teams needed to be extremely flexible and work collaboratively with others, when approaching and delivering key milestones in their programme.

The Benefits

Carrickeasts collaborative working approach allowed seamless integration into successful delivery of the project.

All works were of a Programme driven nature due to Route Section energisation timescales required by NR.

Delivering Safety

Carrickeast in conjunction with UKPNS achieved and had a significant contribution in achieving  a significant milestone on the Great Western Project of 1,000,000 Manhours worked without a Lost Time Injury


Carrickeast’s project teams collaborated with the client to ensure this project was delivered on time and to specification. In addition to this, the team worked collaboratively with UKPNS to support changes in design and perform additional works that will benefit the wider scheme.